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Do you want to become the sovereign man or sovereign freeman or woman. Well, in the cd section of this website you can find all of the documents that you will need to accomplish that wish. The information contained on the dvds in the cd section of this site gives you the means to become the freeman or sovereign that you want to be. These documents that you need are all commercial documents. These documents need to be put into the public record so that the public can view the commercial remedy documents whenever they wish to see them. Here you can do record searches to view those documents that you may need to see. There are public record sites on the net but most of them are just to view records. Here you can put documents into the public record at a reasonable price. Most of the county clerks in this country are refusing to file freedom documents and commercial remedies documents in an effort to discourage Us Creditors In Commerce from gaining our true freedom. Some people call these documents the strawman freedom documents.The idea is to become a Secured Party Creditor. Some Secured Party sites are charging up to $400 to give you the where with all to become a Secured Party Creditor. Here in the cd/dvd section of the site you can get all of these documents for $30 per download If you purchase them all you a total educational package that won't break the bank. Copyrighting your name is one of the most important documents that you can have in your arsenal. It protects you from rogue government agents, judges and police.  Just email me here and tell me what kind of help you need.

When you purchase the download please allow a few days  for delivery.

This website is the place to go to solve all of your secured party, straw man, freeman problems.

thanks for reading this and contact me whenever you like if you have questions that need to be answered.





National public record Registry takes away the aggravation of having to deal with County clerks that don't do their jobs and don't honor the law or the Constitution. Yes you can fight with them and I can show you how to win but it is not really worth all the trouble just to get a document into the public record.

We do it for you at a greatly reduced price and from the comfort of your computer desk or chair.

Most County registries charge $12 for the first page and $4 for each page after that. We charge $5 for a document of 4 pages or less and $7 for documents up to 10 pages. Documents of 11 pages and up cost $15. There is an annual maintenance fee of $2 per document payable on January 1 of each new year.

All documents must be notarized and then put into pdf format and emailed to then you goto the payment page by using the menu at the top of this page and then on the payment page use the pay button that will cover the cost of your recording fees. It is done through paypal. Don't worry if you don't have an account you can use your debit or credit card with no hassle.

Any social security numbers must only show the last for numbers  and x's in place of all the other numbers. Remember that public means just that any one can see your docs and any time.



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any documents to be put on the site need to be emailed to the above address.

1.603.536.1549 between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm

DISCLAIMER: NATIONAL REPUBLIC REGISTRY is a third-party entity designed to assist with placing your information in public view. NATIONAL PUBLIC RECORD REGISTRY does not communitcate with any government agency nor are they equivalent to any government agency. NATIONAL PUBLIC RECORD REGISTRY DOES NOT OFFER LEGAL ADVICE. NATIONAL PUBLIC RECORD REGISTRY takes all documents EXACTLY as they are received by the requestor and makes no modifications to received documents. NATIONAL PUBLIC RECORD REGISTRY encourages all customers to protect their identity by redacting social security numbers, drivers license numbers, etc. When documents are received in our office containing personal customer information, NATIONAL PUBLIC RECORD REGISTRY assumes the requesting customer has redacted all information they deem necessary to protect. All documents recorded on this website are available for public viewing.